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Professional IT Services

A team of experienced IT architects and highly-qualified engineers will help you choose and design the most optimal and cost-effective solutionfor your new IT infrastructure as well as for your current infrastructure upgrade or optimization.

The main areas of Professional IT Services are:

IT infrastructure audit / assessment;
design of IT solutions to meet business requirements;
migration and optimization of IT infrastructure.

Our IT architects are always on the technological edge meaning that our designs are always contain the most effective and vendor-proven solutions.

Cloud solution based on OpenStack

Curently OpenStack is one of the fastest growing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud solutions. OpenStack is used by the leading IT companies in the world who migrate applications to OpenStack-based environment and deliver as IT services to their users and customers in a more agile and efficient way. OpenStack makes it possible to use the new cloud-driven approach for managing your infrastructure.

Building cloud infrastructure is quite a complex undertaking. Each step requires a professional approach: analysis of the current infrastructure, integration in the given conditions, taking into account further scalability, as well as further support and extended functionality.

Software development services



Global offers a wide range of software for financial institutions, retail trade companies, gas-stations and postal organizations. The supplied software is designed to protect, control and automate operating processes of the companies. One of these is the “.iQ” product family that enables optimization and management of business processes.


Service stations

Software of Global for gas-stations covers a wide range of customer service systems, including marketing solutions, management systems of electronic cash registers, gas-station resource and accounting management solutions, etc.


.iQ family products

The “.iQ” product family is unique platform. It is a complex of multifunction monitoring and business process management solutions. The platform is designed to collect and reflect the most critical information about processes and to optimize business processes.

We will help you to

Software integration services

Application integration service and maintenance of the integration platforms allow you to organize the work with business information of any level and to avoid data loss and inconsistency. The service includes the following elements:

  • identification of the applications which provide master data for the company;
  • identification of the data exchange model between the applications;
  • automation of data exchange among the applications, based on the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA);
  • maintenance of the integration solution.

Besides the standard warranty we can offer you various models of the operational support and maintenance of the integration solution, tailored specifically for your company. The service package that is formed considering all the risks and requirements will minimize costs of corporate internal changes, technical breakdowns etc.

Hardware Design services

Our company specialization is a “turnkey” implementation of innovative projects.

The average term of development of the new project “from scratch” is about 120 to 180 calendar days.

If your business has specific requirements being a manufacturing company we can design and produce automated device which will totally meet business needs of your company in particularly, including functional possibilities of the Software.

We propose to our customers a complex solution in the form of hardware-software complex (HSC) which is a self-service Terminal focused on solution of specific tasks with genuine design and necessary Software (SW).

WHY us

Dedicated managers are constantly in touch with you and the team, so you always know what is happening to the product. All this allows you to see a clear result in the expected time.


All our products are custom-made. We have learned to speak the same language with customers from different industries. Among them are health care, finance, telecommunications, media, education, retail and construction. This helps us to quickly dive into application environment and deliver the results faster.

Professional team

We carefully approach the selection of the team for each project. A successful project is created with the participation of different specialists: a project manager, architects, analysts, developers, designers, testing specialists, usability specialists. We are constantly growing professionally and accumulating unique experience in international projects, which we then use to develop successful products.

Thinking about the future

When we develop a product, we think about the modernity of technology and its future development. We build the architecture on the basis of the component approach and use continuous integration (CI). So we minimize the cost of product development and ensure the automatic assembly, testing and installation of the product.

Main Counterparties

high-tech equipment

The activity of our company is the supply of high-tech equipment made by largest world class manufacturers.

Today we offer a very wide range of different equipment.

It includes diagnostic, high voltage, testing, measuring, vacuum, laboratory, metalworking, ventilation, and refrigeration, environment control and other equipment.



Unique software solutions for enterprises from the US and European countries.