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About us

Our target audience.

If You face a start up project or a task of automation the existing business (or business processes) by using the software-hardware solution (complex), we are ready to offer you a wide range of business solutions.

If You are looking for a Contractor which is able to design and develop a conceptually new self-service terminal for further pilot and serial production, Global company is ready to offer You a full range of services to create an innovative hardware-software solution (complex), which is based on a self-service terminal.

Hardware-software solution is self-service terminal and associated software with a definite functionality.

Project realization deadline
Taking into consideration our experience in implementation of such projects and successful practice in designing of self-service terminals, the production process and creation of pilot terminal is already optimized. Project implementation period is minimized.

On the basis of our existing software products we provide with the adaptation of software taking into account any individual wishes of the Client.

Our slogan
In a frame of development and production we focus on the first class quality of products and its delivery to our Customers precisely in time.

Nastas ZORG

Senior IT Project Manager

Nastas Zorg holds the head position in the department of the Project Management of the company. He is a valuable asset to the company as he has extensive experience in working on successful projects in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the IT, and telecommunication sectors. Among the responsibilities that he holds in the company are management of issues, risks and project change requests to ensure successful and on-time project delivery; monitoring, tracking and control over the outcomes to resolve issues, conflicts, dependencies and critical path deliverables; on-site leadership for project team by building and motivating team members to meet project goals, adhering to their responsibilities and project milestones.

Maria Bulé

Proactive Services Senior Manager

Maria Bulé acts as the head of the department of Proactive Services. She has a vast experience in the information technology and communication sector as well as in the area of the development of complex IT solutions. She is greatly involved in the proactive activities of the company, such as developments of frequently asked questions sections for the equipment software, that is engineered by the teams of IT Technologies department and Project Management department. Her position represents the target of the company to become a value added reseller, as the major duty above many others that she executes, is a performance of high-quality customer service that involves solving potential problems before the client requests for help. She is a valuable asset to the management team, for, the building of customer loyalty is her primary goal.

Our commitment:

To offer quality products, service and training
To provide ongoing support to our team and customers
To possess a broad working knowledge of the healthcare industry
To build partnerships of value for the present and future
To encourage high standards
To exceed your expectations

Unique software solutions for enterprises from the US and European countries.