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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice
At Rosella, the protection of personal data has the highest priority. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you how we protect your privacy.

In addition to the natural adherence to legal regulations for data protection, we also promise to handle you data responsible, thus ensuring the protection of your privacy at all times as well as following all applicable rules and provision of Law, including inter alia GDPR. It is important to us, that you feel secure when visiting our internet sites.

This Privacy policy is applicable to the personal data of all homepage visitors, i.e.: (i) Website Users, (ii) Candidates (to work in intive), (iii) persons recommending Candidates, (iv) Persons ordering the newsletter, (v) Persons asking for contact.

How we collect your data and what is the legal basis for the processing
We collect your data directly from you, also automatically via cookies, or, in case of “Recommendation Program” – from third parties.

We need your consent for some aspects of these activities which are not covered by our legitimate interests (in particular, the collection of data via cookies, and the delivery of direct marketing to you through digital channels).

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