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Elettrolaser Master S | 130 Joule Laser Welding Machine


One of the most recent developments of ElettroLaser, the Master S inherits all the product innovations of its predecessors. It was developed mainly to satisfy the needs of combining high working power with long lamp life. Thanks to the new lamp and innovative technology that offers digital setting of the powers in play, ElettroLaser now produces the best laser on the market with very low impact in terms of maintenance. A large welding chamber, integrated webcam with display of the operations directly on the 7” LCD display, WI-FI connection for entry of the machine in a network, or parametrization of the machine by remote control complete this picture of an innovative welding laser. The machine is able to reach an energy output of 130 J for the maximum flexibility of use in small workshops or in small to medium-sized factories with continuous production.



Joule Laser Welding Machine

Joule 130 Joule
Pulse Frequency 0.5 – 30 Hz
Impulse Time 0.1 – 20 ms
Energy 0.1 – 140 J
External Control Screen Color Touch Screen
Input Power 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Average / Peak Power / Amps 75 W / 5 kW / 10 A
Dimensions / Weight 35 x 45 x 63 cm / 33 kg
Argon / Air Nozzle Yes / Yes