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GE Case Stress System


The GE Cardiac Assessment for Exercise Testing (CASE) stress test monitor offers users a number of options which allow the monitor to adapt to your unique needs. The GE CASE offers users greater diagnostic confidence by easily and accurately view cardiac function during intensive exercise. This system includes on-site training for all office employees, allowing users to better take advantage of our industry leading algorithms. The GE CASE stress test monitor is compatible with Marquette T2000 and T2100 treadmills. All GE CASE Plus stress test monitors include a one-year manufacturer warranty


Performance specifications:

ECG analysis Frequency – 500 Hz
ST measurements – ST amplitude, slope, integral, index, st/hr slope, st/hr index up to 15 leads
E, Jand post-J point – manual or computer selected
Signal processing – incremental median updating technique
Baseline correction – Finite residual filter and/or cubic spline analysis.
QRS detection and analysis – automatic or manual lead selection.
ECG output – Real-time ECG/QRS beep/TTL synchronization output.
HR – Automatic arrhythmia detection, documentation and annotation.
Full-disclosure ECG – Beat-beat ECG storage and event review.
Reanalysis – Post-test medians measurements from E,J and post-J point selections.