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GE Mac 5500 Resting ECG System


The GE Mac 5500 ECG system offers the high-tech capabilities of the most advanced ECG systems, but it is also easy to operate, making it accessible to a wide range of users. As part of the GE line of non-invasive testing systems, the GE Mac 5500 is designed to maximize productivity in cardiology practices of all sizes.
The GE Mac 5500 is capable of handling the highest volume ECG clinics, offering various ECG advanced analyses programs. Using MobileLink wireless ECG solutions, GE’s Mac 5500 ECG allows you to collect, analyze, and convey ECG data with accuracy and speed.


In addition, the GE Mac 5500 includes the following features and benefits

Wireless networking and Ethernet allow you to be more efficient
Hook-up detection ensures strong waveform quality
Only one button for operating the GE Mac 5500 ECG machine
Stress test ability is optional with the Mac 5500
Gender-specific programs for 12 and 15sl ECG analysis
Risk stratification tools, including P-wave signal averaging and ACI-TIPI
Bar code scanning reduces clerical errors