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Portable doppler ECO5


The Chison ECO 5 is an entry-level portable color Doppler ultrasound with advanced imaging options such as speckle reduction imaging, tissue harmonics, and compound imaging. The ECO5 is one of the lowest-priced new color Doppler systems on the market today and it provides competitive image quality when compared to other low-mid range portable color Doppler ultrasound machines. This machine features a 12-inch LED monitor that provides a higher resolution image and a very wide viewing angle, which is rare in this category (most use a less-expensive LCD screen with a limited viewing angle). Additionally, the LED screen can be tilted at up to a 30-degree angle.


Refurbished Chison ECO5 Features

Color Doppler
Compound Imaging
Speckle Reduction Imaging
Tissue Harmonics
12-inch LED wide-angle display
Built-in Battery
320GB Hard Drive (minimum)
DICOM 3 compatible
Linear probe up to 11MHz
VGA Video port
3 USB connectors
Dual Probe Port