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TMS neuronavigation system VISOR2™


Offering excellent digitization and 3D visualizations, the Visor2 permits users to analyze, fine tune and replicate previous procedures. The industry’s leading TMS navigation system is image guided and reliable. It provides real-time 3D images, allowing medical professionals to determine shape, depth and location of a magnetic field as it relates to the subject’s brain. TMS coils can be placed over pre-selected regions of the brain, if required. With its precision integration and varied functionality, this device makes even complex projects more efficient. Visor2 successfully guides medical professionals through all TMS session steps. This modern TMS technique has a high precision rate.



Dual-coil navigation (available in XT version only)
Option to use different TMS stimulator and coil combinations
Auto-connection with camera and handling of tracker visibility status
Online motor mapping of up to 8 EMG channels
Simultaneous visualization of EMG and MRI
Targets for coil positioning based on MRI, EMG or coordinates (e.g. in Talairach coordinate frame)
Real-time visualization of induced electric field
Accuracy check during the session and upon completion
Variety of extensions available for extra functionality