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Volcano 07-12 Models


The “Volcano” series is the range of continuous casting furnaces with reduced crucible capacity. It is essential to divide the Volcano 3000-5000 models and Vulcano 07-12 models, because the first is provided “bench”, also matching hooves or feet while the second is provided with a floor structure that allows the use of a roll holder to create profiles on a larger scale. The user interface consists of a keyboard with numeric display Access to the machine body is secured by a tubular frame and movable panel for easy maintenance. The drive system for profile is made aluminium and its completely cooled and driven by a stepper motor coupled to a planetary gear, it should be integrated with the casting chamber. All this system is closed by a cover easy to remove: the access to equipment melting (ceramic jacket, chain bushings, thermocouples) is very fast minimizing time for replacement. The cooling glass, in harmony with the equipment has been refined so that it can offer the best possible performance. The heart of the machine consists of a middle frequency system completely designed and built by the Technical Opdel Department.



Furnaces Volcano

Membrane keyboard with numeric display.
Electric induction with no audible frequency
With gearmotor, frequency and step adjustable, towing wheels and guide rollers
Cooling socket for the die and regulation through bronze cooling rings
Gas protection, support feeds, support cabinet, saw or shear with support
1400° C